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Tibia14 Information!

This is a 8.60 Real Tibia Server including:
-Real Tibia Quest! (100%).
-Real Tibia Spells formulas (100%).
-Real Tibia Weapons formulas (distance and melee).
-Real Tibia NPC'S (100%).
-Real Tibia Monsters Intelligence (100%).

All of the players will be able to:

-Use all spells.
-Travel by a ship and teleports.
-Buy Promotion.
-Buy premium
-Buy house.
-Buy runes.
-Buy Arrows and bolt.
-Sell all items.
-Sell Rods and wands
-PVP 79+

Tibia Club14.
- Real Evo-map 8.60 + new areas. (pyre, oken, gengia, yurost and more)
- Premium areas. (vikia, anwar, fire island, lizard city and ricarten)
- Party Team Shared
- Banks connected to the NPC's
- Zone of REAL Tibia, calassa, drefia, okolnir, folda, banuta, lizard city, etc.
- New -Real Tibia items custom and RL.
- Low Rate, magic 5x, skill 20 x and loot: 5x.
- All quest of tibia. (the missions included)
- Addon by quest
- All NPC. (bank, addon, runes, paladin, parcel and more)
- Hosting in usa.
- Task System (custom items).
- All commands (!bless, !aol, !frags and more)
- Stamina regeneration in pz and training
- Private War: edron, yalahar, liberty, carlin, edron and darashia.
- War System
- Runes Charges Create for 100x
- Zombie Plague Event,Woe and fire Event.
- Crystal Coins change for premium, stamina, backpacks and more.
- New outfits 7.60 sprites 10.98, 7.60 and 7.40 (only tibia14 client)

- Exp stages.

Exp x100 hasta level 49.
Exp x80 hasta level 69.
Exp x40 hasta level 79.
Exp x20 hasta level 99.
Exp x8 hasta level 159.
Exp x4 hasta level 169.
Exp x2 desde level 170 en adelante.

Premium Account Information
  • Trainers para premiums.
  • Comprar blessings con el comando !bless a 100k y no a 150k!.
  • Buy House.
  • Acceso a Ricarten/Vikia/Anwar.
  • Acceso a Fire okolnir/Madagascar/Lizard City.
  • Pueden utilizar golem stamina y stamina potion para subir a stamina verde.
  • Uso exclusivo de los outfits 7.60.
  • Bajar menos experiencia al morir.
  • Acceso a zona premium.
  • Hasta 100 VIP list.

PVP Information

La red skull dura 5 dias.
Frags para red skull: 15 diarias, 150 semanales o 400 mensuales.
Black skull no contamos con black skull.
PvP 24/7.
White skull dura 15 minutos.
Stairhop delay de 2 segundos.
Push en 1 segundo.
Cada frags se borra a cada24HRS
Protecion system de level 1-.
Private War Limit LVL, Limit Player, Frag Limit, Ue option and SD option.
War System Frags Limit.

House Information

Nivel para comprar una casa 100.
Renta a cada 7 dias.
Tener el dinero en banco o depot.
Precio sqm 3500gps.
1 casa por char en la cuenta.
Solo para premium.

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