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Private War System

War Anti-Intruder with a new completely revamped system, with several bug fixes and with great new features to enhance the PVP gameplay.
1 - WAR Traditional
2 - WAR without UE
3 - WAR only SD

Configure your war

Select map

Command params
param1: action [invite, accept, end, join, leave]
param2: map [Darashia, Edron, Thais, Carlin]
param3: frag limit [50, 100, 150]
param4: team size [15, 30, 50, 100]
param5: level limit [150, 200]
param6: ue disabled [enabled, disabled]
param7: only sd [enabled, disabled]
param8: guildName

War invite:
/citywar invite, (map), (frag limit), (team size), (level limit), (ue enabled setting), (only sd setting), (guildName)
Example: /citywar invite, Darashia, 100, 15, 150, disabled, disabled, Rush Guild

War accept:
/citywar accept, (map)
Example: /citywar accept, Edron

End war:
/citywar end, (map)
Example: /citywar cancel, Edron

Join war:
/citywar join, (map)
Example: /citywar join, Edron

Leave war:
/citywar leave, (map)
Example: /citywar leave, Edron

Available maps.
Edron ✔
Carlin ✔
Yalahar ✔
Liberty Bay ✔
Darashia ✔

Additional Information.
Every private war has a duration of 60 minutes, invitations to war will automatically expire in 5 minutes. To see availability of the zones you can type: status in Arena channel ingame.

WAR without UE
WAR without UE, this rule will prohibit the use of spells below:
exevo gran mas frigo
exevo gran mas flam
exevo gran mas tera
exevo gran mas vis

WAR only SD
WAR only SD, this rule will prohibit the use of the following runes and spells:
great fireball
stone shower
exevo vis hur
exevo tera hur
exevo frigo hur
exevo gran frigo hur
exevo flam hur

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